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Veronica is a woman of versatility. From winning the Food Network’s “Chopped” to earning her undergraduate business degree, she is a woman of many hats. Veronica was raised a military kid who moved frequently and leaned into the power of art to help cope with the difficulties of displacement. Playing a variety of characters both in her life and in productions, Veronica draws character inspiration from life experience, creating believable and empathetic personas onstage and onscreen. Since her first performance 16 years ago, she has captivated audiences as leading roles in multiple states due to her “ringer” qualities. 


As an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, Veronica dipped her toes in three buckets of art: Miller Arts Scholars, the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and First Year Players. Veronica’s status as a Drama Miller Arts Scholar afforded her a grant to study at the Stella Adler Studio for a summer conservatory. This intensive instilled in her a thirst for training and research. The next year, Veronica was chosen to direct the MainStage musical of the semester (Spamalot) for the oldest and largest student theatre group on campus (First Year Players). Although canceled due to Fall 2020 COVID-19 limitations, her proposal reflected preparation that will one day come to fruition!


Currently, Veronica lives in Tampa, Florida where she works remotely as a Senior Associate for a Marketing Agency based in NYC. 

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